Media Server eating battery on Moto G


First, I'm mostly an iOS user, so pardon my ignorance on Android (4.3 in my case). Second, I got a Moto G because my employer is paying for my monthly plan and the Moto G was offered to me for free. I primarly need a phone for calls, texts, syncing my Exchange contacts/calendars/mails and using some applications on Wifi. To date, the Moto G does the job perfectly.

But I have one question, why is Media Server draining so much battery (up to 85% of my battery (in Settings/Battery)? I don't use my phone for listening to music or videos. I turned on Battery Saving mode, checked Running Processes in Applications, force quit the Media Server, relaunched the phone and it doesn't seem like Media Server is doing any better on my battery. I've disabled Google Now, made sure that app that could be related to media is closed (Skype, Shazam, any music & video app).

I don't want to root my phone, since it's my work phone and want to keep it simple.

So I'd appreciate any help!