Apple Blocks Transit times from Embark Users

As a resident of New York City the way I basically live my life is by way of Public transit. After moving from iPhone to Android in late 2011 I was happy to see that my favorite Subway App (Embark) was also on Android. After the Apple Maps debacle, Apple bought Embark, Inc to help save their failure. As of January 1, 2014 Apple took Embark off the Play Store as well as blocked transit times from all Android users. I know that Apple has every right to do what ever they want with the companies they own, but I can't shake the bitter taste this leaves in my mouth. Apple blocking transit time updates from users would be like if Google blocked all emails from the iOS Mail App while also removing Gmail from the App Store and blocking emails from current users.


After venting I would like to know Android users opinion of this and what MTA app to use.