How is gaming on the Surface Pro 2? (Also let's talk about the Surface Pro 2!)

Hey Tribe,

So obviously I'm not expecting to run Crysis 3 on high or anything (actually I hear it can barely run that game at all!) but I would like to get some light gaming in while I'm away from the office. Anyone know if it can at least run Saints Row 4 or Fallout New Vegas?

Kind of related, is there another ultrabook/tablet that you would recommend over the Surface Pro 2? I have enough to buy the 256GB/8GB RAM model so I don't mind spending at least $1200. I'm looking for something with at least an Intel HD 4400 inside.

Since I have you Surface Pro enthusiast here, is there anyone that regrets buying their SP2? It's only been a few months since release so I imagine the honeymoon isn't over yet. I see comments all over the place honestly. Some folks think it's the greatest thing to come out of Microsoft in years while others have issues like this:

sad :(

After running updates and not seeing the Surface Pro 2 firmware update I came straight here to see what's up... incredible. I have to leave this thing plugged in all the time... randyweaver74

It makes a potential buyer think twice about plunking down so much cash :-|

Thanks in advance for responding!!


After all these positive impressions, I'm pretty much convinced the Surface Pro 2 is the computer for me.

Now I just have to find the damn thing in stock! I spent the last 20 minutes calling a bunch of stores and drove to both Best Buy and the local Microsoft Store and NO ONE had the 256GB model in stock. Worse yet no one knows when new shipments are coming in :-(