Airport Express equivalent?

I'm likely picking up a Nexus 5 in the near future, have been using an iPhone 4 for the last 2.5 years. I would like to switch over to the Nexus 5 for a variety of reasons but a few things might keep me in the Apple world. The main reason I would stick with Apple (upgrade to iPhone 5S) is due to audio capabilities with airplay/airport express. This is something I have very much enjoyed around the house... being able to stream music from my phone to speakers attached to the Airport Express... I've been researching what options there are and it appears that a few exist. If anyone has experience with these, it would be great to hear an opinion! It seems popular options are:

- root your phone and continue to use Airport Express along with an app of choice (many available?).

-get a bluetooth music receiver to plug into speakers... apparently bluetooth compresses audio files though, (not sure if this is a major difference to express port?)

There may be an obvious answer I'm missing... I found the iphone + airport express an unbelievably easy option to set up. I am hoping there is something equally easy for android! Thanks all for any suggestions!