Desktop vs Mobile

Tonight I've just realized that I'm more comfortable with a mobile OS than a desktop one. I do most things on either my phone or my tablet. The few things that are still relegated to the desktop, like performance gaming, professional editing, programming, long sessions of typing etc. are not things I do on a daily basis anymore. And, in a pinch, you can get by with a lesser experience on mobile for certain things, like gaming and typing.

I've grown up with Windows but it was always more of a necessity than a pleasure to use. With the last version, Microsoft has created a two headed beast that needs to be slain. Doing simple things, like installing a browser, feel unnecessary tedious and annoying on a Windows machine. The long series of tabs you have to click, coupled with the bloatware you have to deselect at every step, ruins the experience. Even closing a program is a complicated matter. It's not so simple on Android either, but there are ways to improve on the latter.

The truth is the desktop has mostly stood still while mobile had improved in leaps and bounds. How do you share something directly from your desktop? How long does it take to start a program? How easy is it to uninstall a program? Is the interface intuitive? It's questions like these that will make the young generation skip the desktop and laptop and go straight to mobile.