Why doesn't google do a SOPA style blitz about net neutrality?

They did it to stop sopa, and it worked. Why not flex that muscle towards net neutrality rules? Do they think that such an action would be an abuse of power?

Why not provide a forum for "both sides?" Show pro/con arguments, and let the public decide. Allow for localized issues to be brought to the fore, if a Canadian user clicked on the google blitz, they would get info and transparency on their broadband providers deals and restrictions.

They are in a unique position to put a spotlight on the backroom deals and get generate public pressure in opposition. Why don't they use it? Is it because it does not directly threaten them?

Do YOU think such tactics would be appropriate?

I think they should just put a spotlight on the debate, I listened to this screed where a bunch of conservatives talked to other conservatives who all basically agreed with each other for nearly an hour,

Conservatives talking to themselves inside of an intellectual bubble world on net neutrality

it would be great to have had a counterweight like Nilay in the mix, to see which ideas stand stronger to scrutiny

It seems to me many of these anti consumer anti public maneuvers require non transparency and awareness to thrive, so why not change those rules?