What currently is the best Windows Tablet, and should I buy it ?

Hi everybody !

So as the tittle subtle indicates, i'm wondering what would be, in your opinion, the best windows 8 tablet currently available? And should one go for it or would it be smarter to wait and see what comes out in the first quarter ?

I'm currently enrolled as an economic student and have been, until now, surviving on a surface RT. However it painfully staggers under even relatively light excel sheets and when a Word document containing equations or images exceeds 5-6 pages ; and thus isn't a viable option anymore. Especially now that i actively need to run Stata, Sas, Mathlab, Air and View.

What would you recommend :

  • Surface pro 2 ?
  • Thinkpad 8 (could someone really work on such small a screen ?)
  • Hp spectre x2 ?
  • Dell Venue 11pro
  • HP omnia 11
  • Asus Transformer TD300 ?

(I also really need something with at least a good full HD screen as I am an avid movie/tv watcher )

Should I wait to see if anything comes along in the next 3 months ? (a Thinkpad 8 in 11 inch format maybe ?)

Thanks in advance for what will be, I'm sure, invaluable advice !

ps: Pardon my bumbling syntax, English isn't my native tongue :)