Windows 8 - New Charms and Notifications Concept

So here is my concept, basic as it is, of how notifications and an updated charms could be implemented into Windows 8.

Currently, you swipe in from the right and are given five options, tap one and the charms disappear and the item you clicked on slides out.

My idea is to have a quick flick in into open the charms menu or a longer drag inwards to open up the charms menu but also the notifications and quick settings.

When an item is tapped, the charms menu stays and the item slides out next to that.

When you long drag in, you essentially get the settings menu but with the current application settings removed and replaced with notifications. The application settings are moved to the applications bottom slide out bar (or what ever it's called) under a settings icon.

Notifications are expandable. Swipe them to the right to dismiss. Drag out to the centre of the screen to open the app or if you start the drag from a sub item go to its context. Drag out and hold to the left or right and hold to snap the app.

Here is a basic video to show you what I mean. Sorry about no Youtube, I uploaded to Dropbox thinking it would embed but oh well.

It's not the prettiest concept but it gets my point across and with some work I think it could be a nice way to implement notifications, update the charms and make the quick settings easier to access.