Nexus 7 (2012) screen broke. Now what?

So I had my Nexus 7 in my pocket. It actually fits my sweatpants pocket nicely. It was even in a flip case in my pocket. I bent over so my waist was right around knee level, and the nexus came out of my pocket, and fell to the floor. I think the first thing to hit was one of the corners. In any case it cracked the glass, and the digitizer does work any more. The LCD looks fine though.

so there are many sites where you can get the bezel, glass and digitizer, but not the lcd. and only for like 30 bucks. There are also sites where you can get all that with the LCD for closer to 70 bucks.

The problem is all the How to's out there only show how to replace the LCD/digitizer/bezel as one piece, and do not go into detail on how to separate the LCD from the digitizer. This puts me at a cross roads. Although 70 bucks is not bad, I feel like spending 70 bucks on a tablet that is probably worth 120 at most right now is not a good investment. 30 bucks is perfect, but it looks very involved to separate the digitizer and LCD and I would be doing it blind.

I haven't been pleased with the performance of it either lately, and was probably going to wait till a new Nexus 7 comes out in 2014. It was great when it got 4.3, but 4.4 slowed it down again, and made its battery life a lot worse. It uses a lot more battery when idle now.

What do you think I should do?