Why Google plus was created, and stop crying about it.

Before google+ all of Google's products live in separate rooms, and could only contact each other through a phone call or an API.

Youtube, Gmail, docs, drive, voice, android, contacts. All of these services were connected but not the way you think. Gmail served as a backbone but it was a limited backbone. How was it limited?

1. Gmail had no public facing profile. So interaction between Google users were private by way of email, or completely anonymous. Go read some reviews by google users on the play store of google local pre google plus. Most reviews would say "by a google user". In an all increasing social world that was unacceptable to Google.

2. Gmail held most of the backbone information about you personal, so it basically had an api, that allowed it pass information to other google services, but it couldn't see the data and the information you created in other services. For example it could serve as the login to your play store but it couldn't analyse what apps you were downloading with the combination of what apps your contacts were downloading and make recommendations off of that.

To expand, before google+, google services used walky talkies. If Google wanted their services to talk to each other, they had to build an api for every single one that would allow them to not only talk back to gmail, but also be able to analyse the data.

So in comes google+. Google removed their services form separate rooms and put them all in one room, that room being google+. Goolge plus is the underlying api for Google services. Now when you watch a youtube music video, google play music can suggest that song or album. Or google now can suggest that a movie based on a YouTube trailer, and you don't need to have a persons email address to share a document with them. So instead of building out seperate api for each individual product google create google+.

So if you want to bitch about google+ go ahead, but just understand its benefits and why it was created.

Reasons you can complain about.

1. You like your services separate.

2. Google has too much information on you.

My answer to you would be, tough cookie, google+ was also created for advertisers, learn more about you, sell better ads, make more money. But google+ was also created to better the people that use google. It's not pick one or the other its both.

You can always delete google+, but that wont do much, just makes google services less useful. The underlying api is still there and all your information will still be combined. Google+ is just a fancy name for "every Google product"