I'm locked out of Windows 8 and I don't have the keys

I recently upgraded my old laptop (Aspire S5) to Windows 8 as I got it cheaply in a sale and figured I may as well. I upgraded and seemingly broke the wifi drivers. After sideloading the most recent drivers from Acer's website the issue was not resolved. To add to my pain I forgot the password for the local account I was forced to make (smart, I know).

So here is where I need help, what's the best way to reset the password while I have no access to the OS, I've read a little on booting registry tools but if someone could give me some more information that'd be great.

Secondly does the tribe agree that the simplest way to update the drivers and troubleshoot the issue would be to buy an ethernet adaptor to get online or does anyone have any better ideas.

As I said any input is appreciated, thanks.