Update to Windows 8.1 crashes Windows

Hello Tribe!

I have an Ace Aspire One 756 with Windows 8 OEM pre-installed when I bought it.

Recently I had to re-install the system so I found a Windows 8 OEM ISO on the web and installed it. All went fine and even activated itself. But then i tried to install some updates and in the middle of the installation it restarted while "Configuring Windows Updates" and then entered Automatic Repair mode. I had no back-up so I had to re-install.

Then I installed those updates (no the ones from the Store) a few at a time and they were ok. But then again, when I tried to install 8.1 i had the same problem. Installation either gets stuck at ~75% 'Gathering info' or restarts while installing and sends me to the Automatic Repair mode.

I did this 4 times already and it's getting annoying. Any suggestions please?

P.S. Not long ago I did the same re-install process on my sister's laptop (exactly the same model) and it went flawlessly. I did use different ISO files though if it may help...


Later edit: i was mistankenly installins the x86 Windows 8 and that may have caused all the fuss.

After installing x64 it all went fine.