Why do Sony and HTC give weird names to their products ?

(Post is edited but none of the information/meaning is changed , made it much more consistent to read)

Nexus :

Nexus Series naming scheme was pretty inconsistent until Nexus 4 came out.It made much more sense when naming scheme went from Nexus 4 to Nexus 5 implying that higher number means newer/higher end model.

I mean wtf does it mean when someone says "Nexus S" or "Galaxy Nexus".

Samsung :

There was lot of Inconsistency in naming scheme 3-4 years back.

For example , Galaxy S2 has so many weird names for US carrier versions , Don't even get me started on the naming , so many names but it was really good product , it sold pretty well despite weird naming.

Samsung bought uniformity with Galaxy S3 by calling it with same name in every carrier and country.

Galaxy S4 was built on the top of Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 line-up.They improved a lot in naming especially considering flagships and Minis.Samsung Mini phones have decent naming but horrible specs compared to flagships.

Samsung's mid range and low range still have weird naming and also tablet line-up is messed up.

HTC and Sony :

Why HTC and Sony don't do any branding to their flagships ? Why mess up their top-of-the-line phones by giving bad naming scheme ? Its acceptable when they mess up mid range or low end devices because they have to release lot of models in low and mid range.

For example ,

Z and Z1 (How many really know that Z1 is successor of Z ?) , This even extends to Minis in case of Sony , For example "Xperia ZR".

Many will think that ZR is latest compared to Z1 or they must be same , until they research/hunt in websites only to know that Z1 is way better.

HTC One (Many people actually thought that HTC One X is newer than HTC One and they got little surprised when I said that One is newer device)

LG G series is somewhat consistent now compared to their previous products like optimus and optimus pro etc.LG G2 is called with same name everywhere.


Don't tell me that "carrier" is the reason because HTC/Sony messed up naming itself.Samsung atleast called their phone Galaxy S2 outside US back in 2011 but HTC/Sony didn't , they gave weird naming scheme for the products themselves which is confusing consumers on International level.