Josh on the vergecast

i've just watch this weeks episode, here are some conclusions:

-hearing him talk about what phone he is choosing (or any of his personal tech stories (like sonos...)), is as interesting as it gets when it comes to tech media, i mean i just watched his rant 3 times.

(i recently bought a z1 which is arriving tomorrow, and his opinion on it was a big factor in my 500€ decision i must admit)

-he compares the cameras and after hearing his thoughts i'm still wondering (i just have barely tested both phone's cameras)

-he says the iphone camera gets more detail (i see no reason not to believe him)

-he says that the iphone camera is clearly superior to the one on the z1

but my impression is that the z1 produces a shallower depth of field, making it's photos more pleasant (this is a matter of taste of course).

what do you guys think about the cameras?