Bonus time - what tech do I get?

Hey all, just looking for some inspiration - bonus time is nearly here and I'm going to have some cash to splash.

My background is IT and love my tech. I'm fully ingrained in the Google ecosystem - it has all my stuff and I'm OK with that. Phone / tablet wise, I have a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7 - and I use them a lot, I take a lot of pictures but I'd really like a better camera - I've taken some decent snaps with the N4, but it's very hit and miss. The N7 is a good form factor for me (tried an N10 but didn't get on with it) mainly used for reading and light gaming, but could consider an iPad mini. I have 2 laptops - one running Windows for work and one running Ubuntu for personal / development / UNIX skill enhancement.

My console is an Xbox 360 - I love proper gaming but find it hard to find the time, what with kids and trying to get some exercise and spending time with the other half - kind of why I resort to a little mobile gaming on the train. Not sure I'd benefit from an XB One, but I like the idea of PS4's remote play with the PSP.

I've toyed with the idea of getting some speakers to dot around the house ( something like Sonos but without the ridiculous price tag), also considered getting a chromecast, chrome book, a gaming controller, wireless charging pad, pebble, but I'm just not sure any of them will really scratch that itch.

So, over to you - make it a budget of up to 1k (UK pounds). You could factor in sale price of any existing devices - what's on your list?