Best news reader?

Hey everyone, new* iPhone owner here. Just made the switch from Android and liking a lot of things so far. One thing I am not liking though, is the lack of a news reader I can increase the font size as much as I need on. I have been using Pulse for years, and I have tried Feedly, Currents, Flipboard (not in quite a while), and Zite (also not in a while) and none of them will let me increase the font size on the iPhone. I find this a little odd since the Android version of Pulse let me increase the font size but I cannot find that option on the iPhone version.

So, what news readers do you guys use? I am hoping this discussion will be productive for discovering great news reader apps for everyone, and hopefully I can find what I am looking for as well.

*only been away from the iPhone for 18 months