iPhone 6: boring. And exciting.

Recently, I came across an iPhone 5 review by the Next Web. The conclusion starts like this:

The iPhone 5 is the most capable and carefully designed smartphone ever. There is no other on the market that combines the best screen in the world with a completely custom processor and a wafer thin chassis to produce an LTE-fast device with industry standard or better battery life.

The next paragraph is really cleverly crafted:

This device is a tour de-force performance of a company firing on all cylinders. The internal components work together in concert to deliver one of the most pleasant and powerful experiences of any ever produced. If you’re reading these sentences and rolling your eyes, then you probably have an allergy to hyperbole, and I understand because I do too. But this isn’t hyperbole, it isn’t exaggeration.

The more research I did into the construction of the iPhone 5, the more I put the pieces together about how they managed to combine these parts to deliver the product they did, the more insanely impressive this device is.

And this really hit me with a brick:

Apple actually managed to create a phone that’s so good it has become an archetype. And when things become archetypes, they become intrinsically less interesting to people who thrive on dissonance and disruption. That’s why the iPhone 5 got such a converse reaction from the tech press when it was revealed. It’s an exercise in precision and restraint, not a play for our wildest imaginations.

iPhone 6 is never be as revolutionary as people will like it to be. Heck, it is likely not gonna introduce any breakthrough new technologies, just like the iPhone 5. And that's gonna sound extremely boring and make everyone exclaim, "Apple isn't innovating anymore!".

But that doesn't matter. If they put so much care and advanced technologies(more specifically, miniaturisation technology) into crafting the iPhone 5, I can't even begin to imagine how much care and how much advanced level of engineering they will put into iPhone 6.

If iPhone 5 was the very best of Apple, I have no doubt that iPhone 6 will go far beyond what we expect Apple to be capable of. And it really doesn't need to be revolutionary to do that. Or one could even say that it needs to be "un-revolutionary" to do that. Because what we want is a truly better product, and in many cases, the most revolutionary product is not one. I have no doubt that Apple will craft every single aspect of iPhone 6 with utmost care, concern, and restraint in choice.

To only focus on changing things that truly make the product better. And not just to come up with new and different ways of doing things.