The Worst Part of Windows 8.1 Store (Error: 0x80244018). Need VPN Advice.

I've been downloading Windows 8.1 apps just fine using my broadband connection. But since I was forced to tether my mobile Internet from my Galaxy S III, I've been having problems downloading.



I tried wsreset.exe and still same problem. But when I tried PrivateTunnel, some VPN app, I was able to download so I am certain Microsoft doesn't like my Internet connection (I don't live in the US).

My problem with PrivateTunnel is the trial bandwidth limit. Does anybody know a better VPN service for downloading Windows 8.1 apps? Is there a another workaround for 0x80244018? This is a pretty sad issue as I can download Google Play and iOS apps from the store just fine.

I love Windows 8.1 and its improving ecosystem but Microsoft deserves some minus points in the "it just works" category.