Comparing Surface RT vs Surface 2

If you have used both generations, please tell us your experience in the comment section! How significant are the differences and improvements?

Here's my experience:

I've used a 1st gen Surface RT for more than a year as my main computer. Since the 8.1 update it feels like a completely different device - it's functional, beautiful, and even though it's definitely laggy, its lagginess doesnt slow me down in what I do. Things are not fluid, but you don't have to waste your time waiting for things to happen.

I've spent some time with a Surface 2 at a store, and felt that the differences are not that huge. I'm not saying that the Surface 2 is not that great, I'm saying that the first generation Surface (running 8.1) is better than some tech journalists make it seem.

  • Size and weight wise the Surface 2 feels almost the same as the 1st gen.
  • The screen definitely looks higher res, but I wouldn't have noticed the difference without holding the screen unnaturally close to my eyes. I'm a photography enthusiast, and I find both the old and the new screens perfectly suited for viewing and editing images.
  • The hardware buttons feel more solid and clicky.
  • The silverish grey finish on the new gen device is not actually the natural colour of the VapourMg. Scratches and bumps reveal a slightly ligher grey colour of the actual Mg underneath the coating, which was kind of disappointing to notice.
  • The most noticable differences are the new kickstand angle (love it), much better cameras, and improved performance. As I wrote above, the improvement in performance is noticable and makes everything more fluid, but I don't think it takes me significantly longer to get things done on the 1st gen Surface compared to the new gen.

My conclusion: I'm not sure if I will upgrade from 1st to 2nd gen, because my Surface RT actually is a pretty great device. It does exactly the same things as the Surface 2, it's just a little less convenient to use due to the steep kickstand angle and laggy performance.