who do you give your money to for digital content-Amazon, Google, or Apple

my house for the most part has all apple devices except for an apple tv (we have a roku instead and most recently a chromecast as a splurge buy) but that isn't too big of a problem as I can easily buy one. Recently I became a cord cutter and am trying to decide whom to give my money to for tv shows- Apple itunes, Google Play, Vudu or Amazon Video. After comparing them, Vudu is out because the shows take too long to post the next day (i'm impatient) and I have decide I don't want to use itunes or Amazon because even though I have all Apple devices, I don't like the idea of being locked in as I could go Android at a moments notice and neither have apps for a Nexus device although I am open to Amazon because they are still almost on every tv platform. What is your take on using google play for tv shows with a chromecast in an all apple household, what do you all use for your tv show content?