What's 'really' wrong with Apple today

1. They take no ridkd

2. They are more focused on giving money back to investors than investing in growing their business.

3. Their focus on margins means competitors are able to stay ahead for longer.

You can't increase the value of your company by giving money back. As someone who buys a lot of Apple gear and support them, I often hear people say, all Apple needs is a large screen phone - that's like saying all Samsung needs is a metal back phone.

I think MS, Google and even Amazon are much more aggressive than Apple. Apple is increasingly looking like the first post jobs era. Things were good for a while then too.

4. They should buy Dropbox and Netflix :)

5. Then Tesla

6. Imagine Tim Cooks supply chain skills with a product like Tesla!

giving money back they've earned because they don't know what to do is exactly what Dell said he'd do with Apple (except the shut down part :))