Asus Transformer Book T100 - The best Windows 8.1 tablet?

Or the best one for me?

Do any of you have it? What do you think of it? How would you compare it to all the various Surface tablets, the Nokia tablet, and others?

It seems to me that this is the best 10/11 inch Windows 8.1 Pro tablet with keyboard solution bar none for $600 and less (and it's only $330 at one site!) and yet there doesn't seem to be a lot of press about it (though I haven't looked as hard yet, but some reviewers seem to treat it as a red headed step child). But my Windows tablet product knowledge isn't that strong.

I am looking at getting this within the next couple of weeks as an all-in-one productivity/consumption solution for school and play and work. My Windows desktop needs aren't heavy at all, but I do plan on using Word, Excel, Evernote/Onenote/Dropbox, Scrivener, Utorrent, and I know a few of those don't have Modern UI equivalents. In other words, a few apps like Scrivener are the only reason I need full Windows (or else I would be looking at that Nokia). And the more natural keyboard and trackpad solution is the biggest reason I'm looking at Windows tablets.

So a consumption tablet with a good keyboard and trackpad fior writing and note taking and excel is what I'm going for. The iPad has good fiction writing apps that Modern UI sorely lacks, but the keyboard solutions are just hacks at best, and pointless for editing without a trackpad, so Scrivener on the desktop is the best solution in existence. That's my line of thinking.

In addition to that, I need to be able to use it as a tablet for consumption (Reading epubs and pdfs, Web browsing for web browsing's sake because I prefer doing that on a touchscreen, watching those mkvs and mp4s and listening to my own mp3s). Or else I'll just upgrade to the Mini Retina and keep a laptop. And carry two costly things around......

If you own or owned one, I would appreciate opinions on desktop gaming. Not that big a deal, but I do game a bit on my 360. Even so I don't stray far from bethesda and bioware rpgs and CoD and BE and racing games and Fifa... I'm not interesting in keyboard gaming and would hook up a 360 controller if possible. And being reasonable, I would just like fun tribal war like games that take advantage of a controller. I would like to try Steam for the first time ever too. This obviously isn't a dealbreaker of course.

I also want to know what video playback support on Modern UI is like. Does CCCP work on that side or are there good Modern UI options with wide codec/format support similar to Goodplayer for iPad or VLC for the desktop? This is very important to me. Music wise, my collection is bigger than the 32/64gb I'm looking at, so I'll just rely on Google Music anyway (is there an unofficial GMusic app for Modern UI? If not, I can use the desktop app). I know there's an unofficial Pandora app too?, so that should keep me happy enough.

I heard the trackpad is crap like most Windows trackpads, but I can survive if it's usable. I am not interested in carrying around a mouse though, so is it usable? (I read one review which said it constantly takes you into other apps if you're not careful..) I also heard complaints about clicking from the trackpad. Is it loud enough to annoy a classroom? Are there third party keyboard solutions?

Build quality is important. I'm not expecting iPad quality, but as long as it matches that first Transformer of mines (or the Prime which I never had, but I know it was light and well built even with the gps issue), I'm happy.

And any other opinions or apps have to offer on it would be appreciated. I am pretty set on this one if it can meet my needs, unless there's another one out there that I missed or one coming soon that'll be better. While I would prefer a iPad with a large enough keyboard, that's far off, so I want to make sure this meets my needs before I make the plunge. Thanks!