How to Revive the Wii U

After the financial situation that went down yesterday, this is how Nintendo should act.

Come E3 2014, they pull the risky but necessary move and do a near relaunch of the Wii U; Under a brand new name, brand new price, and brand new launch titles games including pushing Smash Bros as a launch title, buying EA/3rd party support, a new Metroid or Starfox game, loads of advertisements/commercials to market this as a new console, not as an expansion to the Wii like the Wii U, and a trailer to build the hype for this new console with Zelda HD releasing holiday 2014.

Because of the Lowered pricetag, the gamepad is no longer included or supported, nintendo will release patches for previous games to offset support to the Pro Controller, and will issue a $50 Nintendo Store Credit for trade in of Wii U Gamepads.

The Name of the Console: Nintendo Pro

The Price: 249.99