Which Chromebook has the best keyboard for comfortable writing?

My dad butchered my MacBook Pro by accident. I leant it to him and he got frustrated and made some of my keys stop working. Needless to say, I now need to find a replacement for it until I can afford a Mac Pro (which I didn't plan on getting for at least another three years). I locked myself out of my Apple ID yesterday because of this problem, a total nightmare.

I have an iPad Mini, but the screen is too small. I also have an iBook G3, but I'm not lugging that guy around. Still has good battery life... When running Mac OS 9. Heh.

So anyway, my requirements for one of these would be...

  • A good keyboard
  • 16GB or more
  • 2GB+ RAM
  • No bigger than 14"
  • No smaller than 11"
  • Less than $500
  • Not made by Samsung (a recent personal experience with their customer service left a bad taste in my mouth, sorry)
And that's pretty much it. The only Google service I'd use is Gmail and search, otherwise it'd be things like iWork in iCloud, Draft, SkyDrive, Evernote, and just to generally browse.