This iPhone "Fanboy" likes the Moto X

I was in Best Buy for a hour while my friend was screaming at the their employees over a warranty she got for her phone. Word of advise never never never get a phone warranty from best buy. But while she's ripping them a new one I'm just browsing through almost every single android phone they had. Samsung phones, LG, HTC, and the UI to me is just a cluttered mess and they making these phones way too damn big. But then I saw the Moto X and i will like to let y'all know I don't like android at all. I purchased a nexus 7 a while back to just try it out and it just wasn't for me. But with that said I can say I actually like the moto x better then the other android phones. Yes it has a bigger screen then my iPhone 5s but i believe they did the bigger screen just right. You can still hold it in your hand like a iPhone and its not overly big just to be big. I like the feel of it and the materials they use. I like the way the back feels as well and the shape of it. Even though i don't like android it felt a whole lot less cluttered on the ui then the other android phones. I'm sick and tired of hearing how Apple need to produce a bigger screen phone to compete with the rest. The only company thats really selling bigger screen phones is Samsung and thats because all they have is bigger screen phones. But I believe if apple does decide to increase the screen size i hope they do it the way the Moto X has theirs. It's not too big and not too small. I think Motorola really has something here. But the mindshare right now is with Samsung and Apple so that means motorola has a lot of work to do.

My question to y'all is what do y'all feel about the moto x and how do y'all feel the direction apple going with their sized screen? Are these phones getting too big for no reason? Will Moto X ever become a commercial success? Just write down your thoughts.