Nintendo needs more FIRST party games

I see a lot of commentary about what Nintendo needs to do to get themselves out of the rut they are in. Most of the articles discussing going completely third party, and making games for IOS, and other systems, obviously Nintendo is reluctant to do this because of the difficulty monetizing mobile apps. The other people recommend is getting more third party support, so doing a better job of courting EA, and the other publishers, this is also difficult because of how different their systems are, who wants to publish for the WII, when you can make a game for xbox and easily port it to ps4?

What I think would help is them simply expanding the amount of games they produce. They need to hire or contract out MORE coding for their systems. In all the original WII's lifetime, we were treated to ONE MarioKart. I would have happily purchased one mariokart every year. The same goes for SMASH bros, just one game for the 5+ years the system was out. So many people agree with me that both mario kart and smash bros have communities hacking the game to add more levels and features because Nintendo refuses to do it. I mean how hard would it have been for them to make another mariokart? Use the same engine, add some levels, put in some simple twist and send it out the door. Rinse repeat. Obviously you dont want to over do this, but the pace they currently out put is simply too slow.

I haven't bought a WII U, but MarioKart isnt out yet, I probably will when it does come out. I think it is a travesty that the system has been out for a year and they haven't published it yet.

So what does everyone else think? Would the WII U do a bit better if over its lifespan it had 3-4 zelda titles, 3-4 SMASH bro titles, 3-4 MarioKart titles and so on. Along with downloadable content to expand the life. I love nintendo games, but they make me wait years for the next one so I cant just hand them my money. I believe their focus needs to be on software if they want their systems to sell. And if that happens the third parties will come.