Do i need a phone if so what phone?

Hey so yesterday my nexus 4's screen broke. It was on my table and fell off. Idk what to do now. I’m in grade 12 and going to university in the fall so if I don't get a phone now, ill get one in the fall. I've had the nexus s and than a nexus 4 and I'm thinking about trying an iPhone in the fall, however the 4 inch screen size puts me off. Do you think for sure the iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen?. What cheap phone if any should I get until the fall when I can get a new phone. Have any of you went by for a period of time without a phone? since a phone is not super important for me to have but I feel like I will be at a disadvantage at sometimes without a phone. Any help will be appreciated thanks. PS: I don't want to get a contract right now or a expensive phone.