The best coffee-table device(s)?

What's on that thing between your sofa (couch) and your tv?

I used to have a 2013 N7 sitting on a stand with a bluetooth keyboard. This has made way for a Sony Vaio Pro 13 ultrabook and my N5 sitting in a little stand. 90% of my time is spent with the Sony and I may decide to stick the N5 on charge out the way and try to do everything through the ultrabook. The only reason the N5 is still on the table is because it's nice to lie back and browse sometimes. Plus I'll be getting a Chromecast soon at that'll probably be a nicer control device than the Sony. I do miss the larger screen of the N7 for kicking back, it was perfect for that.

So, can a single device fulfil all your lazy-boy/girl needs?