Let's Find Vladwick

If you don't know who Vladwick is, he's pretty much the best of the Verge's numerous parody Twitter accounts.

The official line is that no one knows who it is. Lets gather everything we know in one place.

Vladwick probably gets notifications whenever Vlad tweets. They can have a post mocking Vlad in under a minute after the original. This could also mean that Vlad is extremely self aware and is running the account himself.

I'm pretty sure its not run by Vlad because he mentioned once on the mobile show that he doesn't actually like carrots, and Vladwick is crazy for 'em.

Vladwick probably works for the Verge, the fans are dedicated, but that would be a lot of work to troll someone you don't work with. This stems from a deep seated need to troll.

Vladwick is from Manhattan.

Vladwick is probably using an android phone because you can spoof your location (or they have friend's/accomplices in Australia).

It is safe to say that Vladwick is a photoshop expert. Truly talented and dangerous.

This is what I've been able to dig up over the course of my armchair conspiracy theorizing. What have you been able to suss out? Beware, Vladwick is a genius troll, and will most likely show up in this thread to misdirect us.