Should I trade my Note 3 for a Nexus 5?

I've had my Note 3 for about a month now, and ever since I got it I have been contemplating trading it for a nexus 5. Have any of you gone from the note to the nexus? Do you regret it? Pro's? Con's? I wouldn't call myself a power user, but I do rely on my phone to listen to music, check emails, text, etc. I like the screen size of the note, but it is annoying trying to use it while on the go and I don't really take advantage of all its features (s-pen, air view, etc.) I know the nexus has worse battery life than the note, but what phone would you compare it to? I had the HTC One prior to the Note and the battery on that got me through the day, so if the battery life of the nexus is on par with the One then that shouldn't be an issue. This post is kind of a mess so I apologize, but let me know what you guys think. Thanks in advance