Migration Complete - Iphone4 to MotoG


I'm on a sim only contract in the UK and I needed to purchase a new phone without contract and there was no way I was going to cough up over 400 Great British Pounds to purchase another IPhone. Since iOS 7 my Iphone 4 had been dog slow!

I decided Android was the way to go on the basis of cost and my most frequently used applications, a change of scenery and the fact I quite like Google now. The other stipulation was that it had to be a handset with a stock version of Android, previous experiences with a HTC Desire S had put me off customized Android in a big way.

Frequently used Apps. All available on Play - Happy days

Gmail + Calendar
Google Maps

For background knowledge I'm a Mac user and own an Ipad but felt I wasn't missing much by switching over to Android as my daily handset.Luckily I ordered my 16GB Moto G before Amazon decided to bump up the price, after a short but mildly agonizing 2 week wait it arrived just before Christmas. As both devices use a Micro Sim it was a simple change-over minus the time required to take the back cover off the Moto G.

Good Stuff

From the outset the Moto G was naturally a lot quicker in day to day operations than my Iphone. The screen size and resolution was also very welcome. When viewing websites in landscape mode there is so much more real estate to play with. I can easily read websites without doing any zooming.

The build quality is very good and I don't appear to have noticed any flexing or creeks during use. One of my favorite features over the iphone on the MotoG is the notification LED, hallelujah! Something I have missed since my Nokia e71.

Google now was very helpful on a weekend away in London and helped me navigate my way around London with only speech input. Interestingly in busy noisy environments my Girlfriends Iphone 5 struggles to decipher commands using Siri, No such problem with the Moto G and Google Now. Perhaps I was holding the Iphone wrong. Also General reception of the handset is so much better than the Iphone. I'm now connecting to HSDPA where previously I'd be struggling to get a 3G connection. Also whilst on the subject of data I really like the Data usage alerts built into Android. I'm not sure this is a thing in iOS? The call quality was good and friends on the other end said I was nice and clear the loudspeaker also did a good job of projecting hands free calls.Did I mention the battery life? It is freaking awesome! It can easily last for two days with general usage. This is a massive plus point, If I forget my charger when going away with work I won't be stressing anymore. In addition you can charge this phone with any Micro USB cable which can be found all over the office!

Bad Stuff

Unfortunately there are some bad points and annoyances. The first downer as widely publicized is the Camera it does have the potential to take a nice sharpish pictures with the correct light but be prepared to wait for the Auto-Focusing to sort its life out. It takes an age to focus. The video capture appears to function well if a little juddery at times.

As Motorola is now under Google ownership it is not surprising to see the lack of a MicroSD card slot. This would have been a real benefit for off loading pictures and Music. I'm sure I can make do with 16GB, however as a benefit Motorola do bump up your Google Drive storage to fifty gigabytes for free! In an Ideal world I would also like to have seen a Micro HDMI connection for handy use when away from home but completely understand this is pretty adventurous for the price point of the phone.

And last but not least is the location of the Power button, I find myself catching it whilst reaching for volume and putting the device to sleep, rather annoying I'm sure I'll live to cope with it.

In Summary

Motorola is showing Apple how the mid range market should be handled.


- Great Screen
- Responsive Operation
- Battery Life
- LED Notification Light
- Stock Android
- Confirmed Kit Kat upgrade from Motorola.
- Interchangeable back covers and cases.
- Battery Life - Battery Life - Battery Life - Battery Life - Battery Life


- Camera not so great.
- Power button location
- No MicroSD