Rant: Volume buttons disabled on lock screen since 4.2.2

Volume buttons are disabled on lockscreen by default since 4.2.2 (or maybe earlier).

So if I'm listening to music or podcast and want to change the volume without even taking the phone out of my pocket, I can't do that anymore. I've two options.

1) Take the phone out, unlock the screen with PIN/Pattern/Face and then change the volume.

2) Hold the power button for 2 seconds till the phone silent/airplane mode menu appears and then change the volume which works. It's hard to do this step without looking at the screen.

I don't even understand why Google did this change out of nowhere. It's such a backward move in usability.

Drives me crazy every single time I listen to music/podcasts. Did anyone else notice this? I'm looking for any option/Xposed module which disables this. Please help.