Game controller for Kindle Fire HD


I apologise if this is a subject brought up many times in the past, I'm new to tablets but I now own a Kindle Fire, I have added a snes emulator and can now play some of my old classic snes games.

I hate the touch screen joypad and have been trying to connect my Playstation 3 controller to it, at the moment I'm not having much luck, I've seen youtube videos and people have been able to connect a controller with a rooted Kindle, but there must be a way to connect any game controller to if without rooting the kindle.

I'm going to buy one of those OTG adapters to try and link up the ps3 control to the kindle tomorrow... It dosn't have to be a ps3 controller, I don't mind buying a new one but I have the ps3 control here.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.