I want my own email....suggestions please.

ok everyone, I know this forum is about Microsoft, but I'm always reading here and I was hoping you all could suggest something. I have a small construction company and work has been increasing (or coming back..). I'm a civil engineer working on my EIT hours and hopefully in 2015 I can take my exam for PE licensure. With my construction company I keep going back and forth with emails to various reputable established companies and firms. my email now is soandso@gmail.com I don't feel comfortable with this anymore. Am I exaggerating or should I get my own domain? I am tired of all the bad emails I get to my current address but some filters have bettered this issue. If you agree that I should go for an email that isn't the typical free accounts out there could you point me in the right direction for services? I would like a web hosting and email kind of package where I can put up my finished projects and so on, but if that incase that is out of my budget I really would want just email services.

Again I apologize if this question is out of place. Thanks for any suggestions!