Does Google really have a "Mobile" UI? (Editorial)

iOS, is in it's very nature Mobile. Windows Phone yet again, Mobile. WebOS, while not as mobile as the previous two OS's stated was still more mobile than Android. Android in someways has become so powerful it UI is not as Mobile as it's compeitors which may be why Samsung and HTC are trying to change that. iOS is to iPhone as Android is to Windows Mobile??- Just without the "Mobile".


Above is an example of my phones current set up. To the left is Google Now. - This is what you call a grid system. This is similar to iOS springboard. It, in it's very nature is ment for mobile use. It defeats a complex desktop UI and offers a very simple elegant solution. Although the grid system cab run into flaws where it can become messy or icons can feel no so cohesive over all it manages to get you into the application you want and does it fast.


If this is proven real then Samsung is obviously thinking mobile like Windows Phone. Once again the key is to get you to where you want to be and get you out.

Android makes use of way to many UI elements which gives it less and less of a mobile OS feeling. - You have a Launcher which might as well be called a desktop. Then you have widgets, then you have an app drawer. 3 Elements all to get you to one place. Yes, widgets do provide useful information, however if the OS was smooth enough maybe that could have been the concept of Android from the beginning. A widget like home screen.

Android feels more and more like a computer which is why a lot of consumers shy away from it. It's just not as simple as a mobile OS should be.


That's possibly due to change in future versions of Android, maybe we'll finally see a real mobile OS in terms of UI not with GEL, but with GNL the Google Now Launcher, look at it now, we are already one step closer with it only being a swipe left away.