Best "Modern Interface" apps

I know, I know. This might have been asked many times before, but I honestly couldn't find any thread about it using the search option (or maybe I just suck at searching). Also, the "best apps" list changes constantly, as better apps are developed each day.

So, for a guy that's been using Windows 8 since beta but had really no reason to use Modern Interface apps until now (I'm getting an Asus Transformer Book T100), which apps are the best on each category?

I could just get a list on the web, but I much prefer the real life input we get here. You all know the drill... categories like:

Media - Best Video Player, Best Music Player, Best Podcast Player (if any), Best Photo Editing/Gallery, Best Audio editing (something like Audacity)

Tools/Utilites: Best Weather App, Best Clock/Alarm App, Best File Explorer

Best Google Apps (are there alternative apps that are better than the official Google Apps?)

And others that you find worth mentioning.