Can people really tell the difference in Win8.1, or is it just the name?

There are a lot of Windows 7 computers sold today.

I don't understand it.

If Windows 8.1 is configured the right way, I believe at least 90% of the people could not tell it is different.

OEMs already put a lot of crap on the machines, why don't they brand them as 'Windows 7 style'?

ToDo for OEMs that like to sell Windows 7 style machine:

  • Boot to Desktop. Deactivate Charms, and left corner
  • Deactivate Lock screen via registry
  • Classic Wallpapers, Login background
  • Start8 or something like it
  • Open IE always on desktop
  • 3rd Party Wireless Menu

What you are left with, is a system that acts almost exactly like Windows 7 and still you are left with the good parts:

  • File History
  • faster Boot
  • Better SSD support
  • More secure
  • Better Update handling
  • No Upgrade necessary to switch to Win8 one day.
  • etc.

There is no doubt in my mind, that Windows 8.1 is an improvement for all Windows 7 users.

So is this a pure marketing, brand problem?