Will Bing Rewards program ever be extended to other platforms?

I've been a Bing user going on a few years now. I had/still have a Windows Phones 7/7.8 from the outset, I have a 360, a PC running 8.1 and just recently purchased a Surface 2. All of my devices have search defaulted to Bing, and I use the native built in search functions very frequently on all these devices . Yet every time I search on Bing via these devices and services that aren't the actual Bing website, I feel a little deflated inside because I'm not getting the reward points that I feel that I deserve.

Has Microsoft any plans to expand its rewards program to these other arms of the Bing search platform? It seems that they are not rewarding their best customers, i.e. those that put down cold hard cash and pay for the actual hardware and software (I bought a Windows 8.1 license) that Microsoft creates.

Anybody have any thoughts on this, or am I just whining here?