iPhone 5 power button failure becoming a common issue

It seems like a good bunch of people are having the exact same hardware failure with the iPhone 5:

The power/sleep button will instantly stop working unless your press hard at the left extremity.

It's always after 12+ months. Look for the issue online and almost every complain dates from September 2013 or after.

Always the right side failing too, never the opposite, which suggests it's a design problem and a thread over at the Apple Communities is starting to gain traction now with 100k views, most of which are pretty recent.

I'm personally affected by the problem and out of warranty. It just starting happening to me this week out of the blue. Now I see it's so common that I wonder if Apple will do some sort of replacement program even for people out of warranty.

However, it looks like Apple will do everything it can to not have to do such a recall. They're banning any link to this petition for a recall or any blog post referencing it (such as this) from their forum boards. Some users also claim Geniuses are instructed to act like they have never heard of this problem even though they did. One of them is saying he went to the Genius bar and everyone in line next to him were there for this exact problem.

Banning links to the petition seems like a pretty shady thing to do, it's like they're trying to hide the problem as much as possible. Not illegal, but kind of immoral. I'm posting here so I won't get censored.

Anyway, if you or someone you know have this problem, I suggest you go post on that Apple community thread and sign the petition. It's getting 5+ signatures a day already with little visibility so I figure the issue must be widespread. Apple does respond to this kind of pressure if it's widespread enough and risks damaging their reputation (see Antennagate and the white MacBook case cracking).