What do you use for SMS??

As I was going through the screenshots in another post (Which was very interesting) I noticed most of you were using Hangouts in the dock. Are you guys using that for SMS also?? I know there are other alternatives like;

Sliding Messaging - Which lags.

Evolve SMS - Which lags and for some reason seems a bit janky.

Go SMS - Which is bloated but all of my non geek friends love the sh*t out of it.

Textra - Which is fast and simple but the UI is not very pleasing to my eyes.

Metro Messaging - Why?

Ninga - Cool in concept but no.

Handcent & Chomp - Both still give me that gingerbread vibe.

And I just discovered Hello SMS which seems cool, going to install after I publish this. I'm prepared for it to be a failure however.

There are others like Invi etc.

I was also wondering if Samsung would integrate Chat On into its SMS client on its GS5?? I myself am using Hangouts, it has it's glitches and annoyences but has been awesome so far. What are you using?


PS: I also noticed a lot of people either using a grid system or flat icon packs in the screenshot post. . . . Just sayin.