Is iBeacons is the future of Mobile Advertising?


Yes IMO, It will be unless somebody....aka Apple...not only figures out how to link it to payments, figures out how to get stores to use it that way. I know Many will say well iBeacons is the future of Mobile Payments. Which I might agree with in certain aspects, but the current implementation seems like it is going in the opposite direction.

Giant Eagle/Safeway, Coca Cola, American Eagle, and Macy's are the big names that are installing iBeacons, but not for payments. They are being used for product messaging. Also known as ads.

Now to be fair this could be a good thing. Imagine going into a store and as you approach a product you get relevant information plus maybe a nice coupon. I would actually appreciate that. This to me is what I see as the future of iBeacons as of right now. Apple in the Apple Stores is using it more so for product information, which makes sense because we as shoppers to the majority of our research on our mobile devices anyway. VentureBeat did an interesting article related to this about how in store shopping alerts add value to the shopping experience.

Now I could be wrong. Apple could come out at WWDC and announce some new payment system using iBeacons. Hey their patent fillings already suggest this. But there is always the possibility that stores just don't use it and instead just implement location based ads using beacons.

Hey I am all for iBeacon's as it is as close to cross platform we will get with anything from Apple, even though they may not want it that way. Time will tell but they way it is looking now doesn't seem to payment oriented.