Am I the only one who is starting to dislike Google because they are forcing users too much ?

/rant begin

There was a time , I was completely in love with iOS and never looked at another device or even bothered to know about them.Then came Galaxy S2 which completely changed me and gave me a chance to see what other OS can do.Its been very good to see the differences in philosophy of both OS.

When Apple V Samsung case went on , People obviously supported Samsung by a large margin because they were underdog and then after GS3's success , Samsung was no longer underdog.I have seen lot of hatred from people towards Samsung lately.Thing is HTC dropped phones like X and 1 which had much better build ,design etc. Some people like design much better than SD-slot , So those people hated Samsung accusing them of bad design/cheap feel etc.I don't bother with design or plastic feel much because I use a case , So I support them.

From recent times , I started to see hatred for Google and they are much more popular now.I thought that "Oh well , people will dislike anything which is popular , they just support underdogs".People take some kind of excuses or reasons to backup their hate.Its not a new thing.

I supported Google on WP fiasco regarding youtube app because i felt they were right because WP is a small platform , I supported youtube G+ integration in a hope that comment system will become much better.

The thing is , none of them really came true , Youtube is there on xbox which isn't much larger compared to WP , Is it popular ? yes but much larger ? No.

Even after G+ , Comments quality is same as before and its little worse with fake accounts.

Some people say that G+ is an "identity" or "meeting point of google eco-system to have all information and recommend you good Ads and things" , Whether there is G+ or not , Google is going to have all data anyway , then why force users to link G+ without any considerable benefit or trade-off ?

Google made Google glass but its banned in their own meetings , wtf ? Glass looks like a spying product rather than a "cool" or functional product.Even google doesn't want it in their own campus.

For example , Apple/Microsoft do force users but they never force too much , even if they do , they have very good reason to justify.They set their limits.I like that attitude.Microsoft re-evaluated their "policies and changes" many times for xbox and W8 (they even brought back start button).

Google is becoming ridiculous these days , I mean they just can't force everyone to adopt to their new things without giving some benefit or trade-off that is worth for sacrificing something.If you like it , its good but if you don't ......its bad.

I read threads like forced contact sync and many threads like that , I don't know how many are true but In my experience , they are tried too hard before and failed , So they are just forcing users now because we can't suddenly stop using these services.Everyone is tied to eco-system.Youtube is like a monopoly for example.

All this looks more like Data mining/"bringing down facebook drama"/"undermine WP/competitors" than actually providing users with what they actually want.First provide what users want and then they can take data in exchange for their services.

end rant/