Are you a fanboy?

Specifically, are you a Google or Android fanboy? After reading The Verge's article on fanboys, I couldn't help but laugh at the passion some people put into their technology of choice. I actually think it's a consequence of our social nature, the need to belong to anything, to be in a team, to have a leader, to adhere to a credo. You can call it many things but you can't deny it's there.

I've met quite a few fanboys, on all sides and generally have found that arguing with them is like arguing religion. To them, their brand of choice is final and infallible. It's not rational, it's emotional.

I'll say that I like what Google is doing, on the whole, their philosophy of making technology affordable to everyone, both software and hardware. It's a very powerful thing and they virtually have no competition in that segment. I like what Apple is doing, with one major exception. The price they put on their products is too high for the everyman. They are reaping it in now, but I don't see them surviving the Google onslaught that is bound to come in the near future. Microsoft are a weird stage right now. They could be doing amazing things with a visionary CEO.