Thinking of Sony just makes me Sad!!

Sony has always been brilliant with their unique innovations, ideas and product designs.

I have used so many of their products yet, I don't consider myself to be a Sony Fan boy. In the past I have used, Sony Erricson K790i [ The best cameraphone of 2006 with 3.2 mp Camera ], used Sony Walkman, use PSP even today, have a Sony Bravia TV and even use Sony MDR- X10 headphones, which are actually a treat for music lovers.

I am also very happy seeing what Sony is doing of late with releasing unique products like Z1 Compact or Z1 ultra WiFi only etc, which are actually opening new categories.

Yet for some reason I don't see the same brand loyality that I have with Apple. Sony with sales tanking and posting losses makes me sad. What exactly you think is the missing link, that sony needs to combat players like Samsung/Apple?