Mountable multi-touch displays at 1080p (or greater if that's even an option)?

I recently picked up that great deal $599 128GB Surface Pro. I picked up the docking station for a good deal where I work, and have it running two additional displays on a USB 3.0 DisplayLink adapter (picked it up originally for the Dell V8P and don't yet own an MDL-HDMI adapter that works; for some reason the SP's port is a lot pickier than Macs are). One of the monitor's I'm using is a somewhat beat-up old 17" HDTV, 1280x768. It's far from ideal, but I have it mounted vertically and it works quite well for keeping Facebook open, and reading websites & comics. Given that it's on a reticulating arm and it's quite close to the Surface Pro physically in my setup (whereas the other monitor is far away, and a mouse & keyboard are much more practical), I find myself aching to touch it.

With that in mind, does anyone have a good run-down of VESA-compatible touchscreen displays I might try? I've been eyeing all the great deals on the Dell S2240T, but it doesn't seem to be mountable from the looks of the stand it comes with. which is neat in its own right since you can angle it downward, but not quite what I'm looking for.