In defense of Alienware

So after reading the article about Alienware and their plan to not have upgrade-able Steamboxes, but to offer a new one each year, everyone was up in arms saying how dumb this was. I, however, like to play the devil's advocate. I posted something similar to this as a comment in a couple of places, but it seemed worthy of a forum post so I could get some feedback on my thoughts.

Here's the way I see it: A decent quality Steambox should have the capability to run the newest games that come out for at least 3-4 years. Obviously the quality at which you'll be able to play the games at will go downhill over the years, but you should be able to keep playing at a respectable level for a while. This is not quite as good as consoles, which usually update after 6ish years. But by the end of their life we're usually less than blown away by their graphics, especially compared to high end PC graphics.

Now the reason for yearly updating. If you buy a PS4 or a XBone now, you should get 6ish years of quality service out of it until the next generation comes out and blows it away. However, if you wait a couple of years before you purchase, you'll get a couple of years less out of it before the next great thing comes around and you'll want to upgrade. The difference with what Alienware is doing, is that the "next gen" will come out every year. That means no matter when you buy your Steambox, you can expect 4 years of good service from it. They don't expect people to replace them every year, just like you don't replace your console every year. It basically frees you from the refresh cycle of traditional consoles, so you can always get a brand new top of the line console.

tl;dr: no matter when you buy your Steambox, you're getting the latest and greatest that will last you the longest.

Now obviously this logic isn't bulletproof, but if this is what their going for, then I can understand it.

Or, maybe I'm way off base and someone below will tear this idea to shreds. That's fine too, at least I'll have learned something.