Choose Your Own (Windows 9)

So I have been in the midst of writing a post on a concept for Windows 9 and RT/Phone. It isn't finished but I had enough to want to do a practice run. I also wanted to see what others wanted to see in Windows 9.

With Windows 9 I think Microsoft shouldn't abandon the goal of Windows 8, to make a mobile first OS, but it also should make the transition easier for users who choose the desktop. Beyond this, Microsoft should seek to create a simpler Windows with Windows 9. I am not talking about a dumb OS, but something that is more approachable to users who do not identify as Power Users. With the new merged OS of RT and Windows Phone I think Microsoft should focus it on mobile and companion devices.

In terms of services, Windows 9 should continue to build on the idea that Windows is a platform and showcase for Microsoft services.

Start Menu/Side Bar

For Windows 9 the concept is to bring both bring back and pull forward. We bring back the Start menu and the Side bar but we update them. The new Start menu merges the menu with the Charms bar and like the Charms bar slide out when activated. Users can do most of the things they used the menu for in the past (pin apps, search, turn PC on/off) but also things like view open apps and create desktops/start screens. The Start menu would be a Hub for things like notifications and the Side bar. For the Side bar on the default its accessed thru the Menu but can be added to the desktop. One last thing is the taskbar. The taskbar would have new customization features and a slight redesign allowing users to having something akin to the Dock on OSX and Ubuntu.


Windows 9 brings a new windowing feature named DnA that allows you to collapse open applications and even desktops without having to close them. This is expansion on the App view provided in the Start Menu and in Win8. DnA works on both touch and mouse devices.

Live Gadgets

In bringing forward the Start screen Win9 adds new tile sizes that bring Gadget functionality. So users can flick thru email or songs without opening up an app. Additionally some gadgets can be added to the Start menu or desktop for additional customizations.

Multiple Desktops

Windows 8 brought improve support for multiple monitors, and Win9 continues that by adding support for multiple desktops. Users can now create multiple desktops along with customized task bars and menus. Users can also get quick access to them and create new ones from the Start menu. Win9 also allows users to select which desktop they want to see on startup. This support also includes the same for the Start screen.

Cloud Drive

One of the new features added to Win9 is increased support for cloud services and storage into Windows. You can now plug into Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and of course Sky Drive into the File system all secure and available for both ARM and x86 devices. The new File system also is customizable. Collaborate as you save.


Think of Internet Explorer 12 as a mini OS running in Windows. Any web app you run in a browser can be used like an app downloaded from the Windows Store by simply adding to the Pin stack or dragging it to the taskbar. IE12 provides a new framework that makes everything run smoothly and securely and also allows you to use favorite extensions like Pocket and Instapaper.

So that is my concept so far, what do you want to see in the next Windows?