Emerging Markets Myth

I think we should start saying "Subsidized Markets" and "Non Subsidized Markets" instead of emerging markets and non-emerging markets.

People in the US are able to buy these expensive phones bcos of Carriers subsidizing them. A consumer in US can go to ATT, Verizon etc and get into a contract and get an iPhone for under $200.....IMHO that's the primary reason why consumers are buying these expensive smartphones in the US and other countries where there are subsidies....

The reason why iPhone and other high end phones have hard time in countries like China, India, etc is bcos there are no subsidized phones in these countries.

If ATT/Verizon stop subsidizing phones....I bet not even 5% of the American public would buy iPhones...Imagine a family of 4 buy iPhones for $199 each versus $650 each. if that happens even USA will be called emerging market

I wish there were no subsidies at all in the US.....High cell phone bills....Root cause is subsidy.