This Forum is Great - Thanks, Guys!

I just wanted to thank everyone who contributes to The Lens, and in particular, selfprofessedgeek for hosting the Weekly Critique. I enjoy the Verge for its forums, but I've been pretty burned out lately on how partisan and cynical and angry everyone is (seriously - I think reading and responding to comments in the device review threads has made me a worse person). I only got a "serious" camera a few months ago that's really made me want to learn and improve, and I really appreciate this forum for being a constructive, calm oasis within the crashing ocean of Verge fanboy-ism.

The weekly critique is also a great incentive for me to shoot, and I love the feedback. It may be a small community here, but I think that also helps people be a little bit more sensitive, and there aren't anywhere near the same holy wars that you get on other photography gear sites.

So yeah, keep up the good work!