FBI Files on Feynman.

Heres a link to an investigation by the FBI into Feynman. One of the highlights include a paragraph regarding his divorce with his second wife.

An article appeared in the Los Angeles Times, a Los Angeles daily newspaper, dated 7/18/56, to the effect that the appointee's wife was granted a divorce from him because of appointee's constantly working calculus problems in his head as soon as awake, while driving car, sitting in living room, and so forth, and that his one hobby was playing his African drums. His ex-wife reportedly testified that on several occasions when she unwittingly disturbed either his calculus or his drums he flew into a violent rage, during which time he choked her, threw pieces of bric-a-brac about and smashed the furniture. This antic reflects that the court approved a $7500 cash settlement in favor of the appointee's ex-wife, giving her an automobile, furniture and objects of art, as well as $300 per month for two years and $250 a month for a third year"

From page 64

There is also a number of references to his atheism and possible communism this was probably due to his short association with the "Young People’s Socialist League". Also the fact that a number of the members of the Manhattan project had been outed as spies.

"I do not know--but I believe that Richard Feynman is either a Communist or very strongly pro-Communist--and as such is a very definite security risk. This man is, in my opinion, an extremely complex and dangerous person, and a very dangerous person to have in a position of public trust,"